Foundation Repair and Reinforcement

Foundation settlement and movement resulting in the need for foundation repair can be caused by building on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around foundations. Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and your home and even make them unsafe. If you think that there is a problem with your foundation, call us for an assessment of your property. We will be assess any damage that has occurred and determine the best plan for your situation. Small cracks can end up causing big problems in the future.

The need for foundation repair can come about from a variety of reasons but are most commonly caused by movement of the foundation.

The most common signs of foundation problems include:

  • Diagonal cracks in interior wall finishes at the corners of doors and windows.
  • Cracks at the intersection of walls and ceilings, and at the intersection of wall surfaces.
  • Doors that bind or do not open or close properly.
  • Windows bind or do not open or close properly.
  • Un-level floors.
  • Cracks in exterior brick, concrete, or masonry.
  • Cracks in the concrete perimeter beam.
  • Separations of wood trim at the exterior corners of your home.

All of the above symptoms could be a sign of settlement or differential movement. Once settlement has be resolved, foundations that have been damaged can be mended with Carbon Fiber Straps.

When it comes to repairing a crack, it is not sufficient to simply fill the crack. You must also restore the structural stability of the structure. This generally requires reinforcement to prevent further movement.

Fortress Stabilization Systems has developed a time-tested and proven method of foundation and crack repair that restores the integrity and stability of the foundation. By using carbon-fiber Kevlar sheet straps in combination with specifically designed epoxy, foundation repair can be performed effectively and efficiently with minimal obtrusion or obstruction.

The Fortress Stabilization System Advantages

•NO destructive attachments made to the floor or ceiling.
•Cost effective.
•Non obtrusive-lays flat to substrate.
•Able to conform to bowed surfaces.
•Pre-mixed toughened epoxy.
•Mesh is fully encapsulated in epoxy, anchoring it in place.
•Vacuum clamping system ensures regulated void-free bond every time.
•Can be painted for a smooth clean look.
•Quick labor saving installation.
•Clean-Peel backing strip provides clean prepared bonding surface.

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