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Year Round Home Maintenance Service

Home is one of the single biggest investments you’ll ever make—let us help you to care for it. Inspection should be done two times a year. Get hands-on advice to help you ensure your home remains safe and comfortable for your family through out the years. Our goal is to provide you with a simple home maintenance inspection. Our inspection designed for people who are busy, not mechanically inclined, no longer physically able, or people who rather be doing something else and not have the worries of maintaining their home. We will share with you our expertise in maintenance any needed home repairs and provide you with a peace of mind.

Please contact us today and schedule an appointment for the seasonal inspection of your home and Exterior/Interior preventative maintenance check up. Small problems that are being neglected, will turn in to much bigger problems and the repairs will be more costly. 

                               Annual Home Inspection Includes:
  • Check for separated and deteriorated caulk around the exterior of your home, such as between doors, windows, brick the siding and foundation, and around outlets, pipes, and faucets to make sure moisture will not  work its way behind wood trim, siding, brick and cause mildew or rotting.
  • Check basement foundation before winter months arrive for leaks or moisture penetrations in places where they usually occur but never checked or seen.
  • Check downspouts to make sure they do not discharge water toward a home and cause water damage to the siding, foundation, and the basement.
  • Provide you with a list of items you should be concerned with or in need of repair or replacement.

                        Additional Services Include:

Window / Door Installations and Replacement  * Vinyl Siding Repairs/ Replacement* Finish Carpentry -Trim/ Base/ Crown/ Chair Railing/ Shadow Boxes * Garage Door Wood Jam Replacement * Carpentry Repairs and Framing * Bathroom Remodeling * Drywall Repairs * Custom Closet Shelving Design and Installation * Painting * Shower Doors Replaced/ Installed * Mirror Installation and Replacement * Various Handyman Improvements & Components Replacement Services

             Let us help you Protect and Improve your investment today...

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