Home Warranty    

                                   New Home Warranty

All our new homes come with standard 1-2-10 year RWC warranty. Ten year warranties have been an effective way to deal with a variety of issues including customer service, marketing, government financed loans and mandated new home legislation.

            10 Year Full Coverage Warranty

  • 1 year of coverage on workmanship
  • 2 years of coverage on selected portions of your home.
  • 10 years of coverage on major structural components


Choosing a qualified Contractor to undertake a home improvement project can sometimes be a challenge. These days, most anyone can be labeled a “Contractor” regardless of experience or background. As a result, the home remodeling industry has experienced somewhat of a “black eye” due to a few unprofessional contractors providing inferior workmanship and creating a poor image for the industry as a whole.

Often the decision to remodel leads to more choices and even more questions on the part of the homeowner. What are the Contractor's qualifications? What kind of guarantee is provided? Is there any choice in the warranty offered? How do I know if the Contractor chosen for the job is experienced and professional? What happens when there is a disagreement? RWC’s Remodeler Warranty addresses many of these issues and concerns for Contractor and their Customers. This flexible warranty allows for customization based on each project and specific needs of the Customer. Two unique coverage options are available:

3-Year Workmanship & Materials Coverage
5-Year Structural Coverage with 1-Year Workmanship & Materials Coverage
The Contractor’s responsibility is limited to the first year with RWC’s Insurer providing the protection in subsequent years.

To offer RWC protection, each Contractor must have a history of financial stability, technical competence in constructing quality renovations, and good customer references. Those who meet the screening criteria qualify to provide their customers with RWC’s written, insurance-backed protection. The warranty also provides a process to resolve disputes about the quality of the work, should any develop. Having a written warranty effectively reduces misunderstandings that can result from a verbal agreement and a handshake. If, for any reason, an RWC Remodeler is unable to fulfill his/her warranty obligations, RWC’s Insurer will do so.

With the growth anticipated in the Remodeling industry as forecasted by the Harvard study, the future of Remodeling looks bright. The challenge will be for the individual Contractor to market his reputation, carve out a piece of this market for his/her own, and protect the business from undue liability. In today’s world, providing any type of construction service without an independently written warranty to back you, is very much a “high wire act.” Whether it is calming a customer’s concerns or averting a full-fledged lawsuit, RWC’s resolution process, which includes binding arbitration when needed, works effectively to resolve disputes. Take your chances and go it alone in a court of law before a jury of 12 homeowners…or…let an experienced warranty provider mediate the issues putting the complaint on a fast track to resolution.